Crisp UV Cooling JKT

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A lightweight jacket to protect the dog’s fur and skin from harmful UV rays. The garment decreases heat absorption in the dog’s fur and skin. Thanks to the absorbent fabric, the garment can be also used for cooling. The efficiency of the jacket is based on the cooling effect of water. The jacket is rinsed in cold water, wrung out and then put on. The jacket efficiently cools the dog’s neck, chest and belly area from where the cooling effect spreads to the whole body. The needs of an active dog have been a key consideration in the design of the coat. Thanks to the half cape solution, the front leg openings are open as far as the seam of the collar enabling the dog’s front legs to move freely and making it more comfortable for the dog to walk even longer distances.Thanks to the quick buckle closure, the coat is fast and easy to put on. An adjustable neckline and waist add the final touches for the perfect fit and protectiveness. Elastic rear leg straps ensure that the coat stays in place in all conditions, also in activities of higher intensity. The material is machine-washable.

  • Excellent water absorption capacity
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Rear leg straps
  • Easy buckle closure
  • Well-covering hem and high collar
  • Adjustable elastic band at the waist
  • Adjustable waist and neckline
  • Easy to use: rinse with cold water, wring out and put on

Wash at 30 °C max, Wash separately

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